Duties and responsibilities

-Summary of key functions:

  • Execution of day-to-day accounting operations of the EASD-R project and provide accounting oversight to the EASD-R project partners
  • Ensure efficient procurement and logistical services for EASD-R project
  • a)Execution of day-to-day operations:
  • Ensure full compliance of operations with EUROPEAN UNION and RCSP rules, regulations and policies, and plan operations on a quarterly basis
  • Establishment of collaborative arrangements with partners in the project,
  • Make Use of internal standard operating procedures in Finance, Human Resources Management, Procurement, Logistical and ICT services.
  • Constant monitoring and analysis of the operating environment, timely readjustment of the operations, advice on legal considerations and risk assessment.

b) CSO’s financial resources management

  • Ensure proper planning, expenditure tracking and audit of financial resources, including extra-budgetary income in accordance with European Union and RCSP rules and regulations.
  • Proper management of the contributions, business process and accounting for contributions to ensure that EADS-R financial operations are properly identified, consistently and uniformly classified, recorded on a timely basis and received with sufficient supporting documentation.
  • Plan, execute and follow-up on bank reconciliations.
  • Organization of cost-recovery mechanisms for all EADS-R projects/activities.
  • Organization and oversight of EADS-R PROJECT cash management processes, including liquidity management, recommendation of provision level, risk assessment, bank relationship management; timely accounting and reconciliation of all transactions, security for cash assets on site.
  • Monitoring of financial exception reports for unusual activities, transactions and investigation of anomalies or unusual transactions.
  • Follow-up on transactions and payment approval on internet banking system.
  • Ensure that all financial transactions are identified, recorded and verified in compliance with EU/RCSP agreement as outlined in their MoU.
  • Prepare all financial reports and ensure compliance with EU/RCSP’s MoU guidelines

c) Efficient procurement and logistical services: The RCSP internal procurement committee will be expanded and cover EASD-R project procurement activities as well. It will be entrusted with the responsibility to oversee procurement processes and logistical services in accordance with RCSP rules and regulations.


  • Bachelor degree in accounting
  • Minimum three year working experience in accounting department
  • Knowledge of accounting software
  • Making recommendations regarding operation of systems within RCSP.
  • Identifies and recommends remedial measures to address problems in systems design or implementation.
  • Demonstrating understanding how to manage grants awarded to CSO
  • Soliciting feedback on service provision and quality
  • Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking
  • Communication skills:

Application submission

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application through the following email: info@rcsprwanda.org not later than 28th of February 2014 at 4pm.

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Vacancy Announcement: Project Coordinator

the Rwanda Civil Society Platform is interested in recruiting a project coordinator to carry out the following tasks under the supervision of the Executive Secretary:

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the Project Management Steering Committee (PMSC) and implementing partners on all matters pertaining to the smooth operation of the Project, in accordance with procedures and obligations specified in the EASD-R project, RCSP-EU Agreement, Partners Sub-grant agreements;
  • Prepare and circulate minutes of the PMSC;
  • Oversee the preparation, introduction and utilisation of a web-based advocacy and accountability Management Information System;
  • Coordinate all multi-faceted approaches, activities, initiatives, efforts related to the successful implementation of the EASD-R project and which are crucial to maintaining the project focus on the desired results;
  • Utilize M&E skills to track, to follow the field work of the implementers partners.
  • Facilitate the Steering Committee to play its role in the project implementation
  • Produce results oriented report, linked to the log frame of the project.
  • Receive and arrange for reproduction and circulation of reports, and other Project documentation from national and district implementing partners for advocacy purposes;
  • In close collaboration with project accountant prepare and secure the submission of both the narrative and financial reports to the donor;
  • Improve the communication between implementing partners , donors (EU and NPA) and invite then to the Steering Committee meetings if necessary
  • Coordinate and supervise the usage of project equipments;
  • Manage project resources and administration to ensure proper utilization and accountability of funds allocated to implementing partners;
  • Develop/manage the M&E system to identify areas which need improvement in the project implementation;
  • • Plan and prepare Mid-Term Review and final evaluation of the project;
  • Ensure efficient and effective management of the transport material for the benefits of the project implementation;
  • Identify, understand and evaluate key issues relating to EASD-R and that affect Rwandan citizens in their day-to-day life.
  • Work closely with and facilitate implementing partners in planning process and provide the required technical support in the execution of their activities
  • Prepare required qualitative, substantive, financial and procurement/contracting progress reports to keep all relevant parties involved and to facilitate timely and appropriate action.
  • Maintain effective partnership with Government and implementing partners to exchange critical and technical information and resolve program/project implementation issues to ensure results are achieved as planned.
  • Identify, document and disseminate best practices and lessons learned from EASD-R project ;
  • Ensure the sustainability of the project.

Candidates’ requirements

  • Master’s degree with a minimum of three years of working experience in project management and related fields.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to clear and concise issues briefs and reports in English;
  • Computer literate.
  • Experience as a team leader.
  • Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda ;knowledge of French is an added value

Application submission

Interested candidates must submit applications letter addressed to the Spokesperson of RCSP; Updated CV with references with their contacts; Notified copies of degrees not later than 28th February 2014 at 4pm.

For more information please contact:
email info@rcsprwanda.org, website: www.rcsprwanda.org tel: 0788482628.

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Local Expert on Policy Analysis and Advocacy

In order to support civil society in fulfilling its roles and responsibilities in decentralized governance in Rwanda, to strengthen the involvement of civil society in the planning and implementation process of performance contracts Imihigo and to raise awareness for a stronger participation in the Joint Action Development Forum (JADF), PFSCR now recruits a local expert on policy analysis and advocacy. The Local Expert will work in the framework of a joint action plan, established according to the objectives of the GIZ Decentralization and Good Governance Program (DGG).


  • Develop, implement and monitor the Bottom Up Advocacy Approach (BUAA) for PFSCR and the DCSPs.
  • Analyze national policies and documents and contribute to the development of national policies, guidelines and standards / norms.
  • Develop and implement advocacy strategies for PFSCR in alignment with the strategies and priorities of the country together with the Platforms member organizations.
  • Actively network with PFSCRs member organizations for collective advocacy projects.
  • Establish mechanisms for the exchange and sharing of information among members of civil society and other development actors operating on district level.
  • Provide technical support for the integration, extension, and monitoring of public awareness campaigns.
  • Provide technical support in the evaluation of advocacy at the local level and use the results to increase social accountability, service delivery and best practice.
  • Prepare reports of activities.
  • Perform any other duties on demand.


• Masters’ degree in Law, Development Studies, Sociology, Political Sciences or closely related fields of study with at least two (2) years of working experiences related to the fields of good governance, decentralization, advocacy, policy analysis and/or citizen participation, human rights and strategies for the dissemination of public policies. Or a Bachelors’ degree (Ao) in the above mentioned fields with minimum of four (4) years of working experience.

  • Proven understanding of advocacy, decentralization, citizen participation, local government structures and civil society organizations.
  • Experience in the elaboration of strategic plans and action plans in the area of advocacy, human rights, policy analysis and producing position papers.
  • Capacity to provide advisory services.
  • Proven experience in networking, planning and monitoring & evaluation
  • Ability to conduct research on the implementation and impact of projects.
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Capacity to work with various stakeholders and work in a multicultural team;
  • Ability to prioritize the work and to complete multiple tasks;
  • Excellent report and proposal writing skills;
  • Experience in knowledge management and knowledge transfer;
  • Advanced computer skills (MS Office Applications, Internet);
  • Excellent written and spoken Kinyarwanda, English and/or French.


Application shall be composed of the following parts:
1. A letter of application addressed to the Spokesperson of the PFSCR
2. An updated CV including 3 references (academia and work related) with contact details
3. Notarized copies of diploma, driver’s license and proof of services.

The deadline for submission of applications is the 25 th of April 2014 before 16:00, at the Rwanda Civil Society Platform offices located at Kacyiru.

For further information, please contact:

E-mail: info@rcsprwanda.org or Website: www.rcsprwanda.org
Tel. Mobile: 0785448419

Munyamaliza Edouard
Spokesperson of the Plate Forme de la Societe Civile Rwandaise

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Recruitment of a consultant to evaluate the radio debate tool

In order to strengthen citizen participation and promote the accountability among local authorities, the „‟Plateforme de la Société Civile Rwandaise‟‟ under technical and financial support of GIZ initiated a live radio debate project designed in 7 selected districts, namely Rwamagana, Ruhango, Gakenke, Ngoma, Nyaruguru, Rubavu and Rusizi.

Objectives of these debates are to reach big audience and to give to citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns; providing a platform for debate on governance and development issues; give citizens the possibility to influence decision-making processes in “Imihigo” and demand accountability. Another objective was also to hold local leaders accountable and call up on them to inform the citizens on development progress in their constituencies.


The Firm or consultant will propose the timeframe but the proposal should not exceed four weeks for the whole process starting from the date of the latest signature of the parties. The duration of study completion is one of the items that will be considered in the technical offer and analysis of the bids.


 The consultant must have a minimum of Masters Degree in Journalism, Social Sciences, Public Policy Analysis, Political Sciences, Population Study, Development study, Law or related field
 Have good skills in public policy analysis and good knowledge of the Rwandan policy and media context.


A written application including the consultant‟s profile and qualifications and updated CV, copies of degree, technical and financial proposal (in 3 copies: one original and 2 copies) which shows clearly the breakdown of costs (professional charges, travel, per diems and any other possible costs), current contact and three references for whom the candidate has successfully undertaken similar services must be submitted in hard copy not later than Wednesday 10th March 2014 before closing of business to:

The Chairperson of “Plateforme de la Société Civile Rwandaise

C/O „‟Centrale des Syndicats des Travailleurs du Rwanda, CESTRAR, located at Kacyiru in the building of CESTRAR, opposite of „‟Banque Populaire „‟, Kacyiru branch.

Tel. 0788464849


Chairperson of “Plateforme de la Société Civile Rwandaise”

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Recrutement of EASD-R Coordinator and Accountant

The platform is composed of 15 national umbrellas composed of more than 400 NGOs.
The idea of setting up this RCSP came from various CSOs with a desire to work together and to contribute to the integral development of the country.

For RCSP to deliver on its mandate, it is recruiting a coordinator for the EASD-R project and accountant in partnership with some of its member organisations and EU as the project funder.

For more details on the job description, please download the full document here

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary of RCSP

Personnalité Civile AM nº72/11 du 19/11/2007 publié dans OG no 27 du 06 07 2009

B.P 6333 Kigali

Tél : + 250 788303417

E-mail: info@rcsprwanda.org VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

Assistant to Executive Secretary

The Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) is a Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 2004 with an objective to setup up a platform for information sharing and consultation between CSOs and their partners. It operates in accordance with Law No. 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 on the organization and functioning of national non-governmental organizations in Rwanda. It is currently composed of 9 national umbrella Organizations which have more than 1400 Member NGOs in total. The RCSP main mission is to serve as a framework for consultation, reflection on common issues, information sharing, support and mutual reinforcement and to provide valid interlocutor in the face of various partners of civil society.

To achieve its mission, RCSP wishes to recruit a highly motivated candidate to fill the following vacant post:

Post title: Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary of RCSP

The purpose of the position

The overall purpose of the position is to manage the office of the Executive Secretary and to provide secretarial, clerical, administrative and general office support to the Executive Secretary

Post title: Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary of RCSP

The purpose of the position overall purpose of the position is to manage the office of the Executive Secretary and to provide secretarial, clerical, administrative and general office support to the Executive Secretary.

Key Duties and responsibilities:

I. Provide a comprehensive secretarial and administrative support to the Manager of including: drafting correspondence, minute taking, filing and records keeping and related tasks;

II. Manage office systems and filing procedures, plan, schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments and other activities;

III. Filling and follow up on all urgent signatures including delivery of requests for quotations and other correspondences;

IV. Follow up on contract signatures with different authorities and ensure that they are signed on time;

V. Arrange essential mails in priority action order for the Executive Secretary;

VI. Check deadlines of incoming requests and advise the Executive Secretary accordingly;

VII. Maintain calendar and ascertain which events require the presence of the Executive Secretary;

VIII. Ensure judicious handling of all office issues;

IX. Screen visitors to minimize interruptions to the Executive Secretary;

X. Organize and arrange the Executive Secretary’s appointments;

XI. Receive visitors to the Executive Secretary’s office;

XII. Prepare and proofread responses to letters addressed to the partners;

XIII. Summarize detailed information for the Executive Secretary’s attention;

XIV. Perform any other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.


Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Public Administration, Secretarial studies, Literature, and other related fields,
Degree ranked in first or second class honors upper division,
Excellent written and oral communication skills,
Demonstrate capacity to work pro-actively with partners,
Proficient level of MS Office package (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.),
Complete mastery of Kinyarwanda and English, communication in another language used in the country being an added value.
Specific Skills

Strong leadership competency and supervisory skills; ability to work individually and within a team with limited supervision. A self-starter,
Good analytical and problem solving,
Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders as a representative of RCSP. This includes effective negotiation and representation skills.

Ranked in first-class honors upper division
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Demonstrate capacity to we pro-actively with partners; -Proven working experience project management and financial skills;
Proficient level of MS Office package (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.);
Complete mastery of Kinyarwanda and English communication in other language used in the region being an added value
Values: Respect, integrity, diversity, commitment to excellence, adaptability, able to perform under stress, innovation, building relationships, communicating effectively, facilitating change, developing teams, initiating action, strategic decision making, planning, and organizing, leading through organizational vision and mission.

How to Apply

Please, hand delivers your applications at the Front Desk of Rwanda Civil Society Platform Country Office in Kicukiro district, Kagarama sector, KK 371 st, Plot no 4.
Your application should include:

1. A covering letter (ii) a comprehensive CV (iii) Academic Certificates (iv) Details of 3 referees, one of whom should be your current employer.

Deadline for applications is Friday, on 4th May, 20118, at 4 pm.

Please note that applications which do not meet the specified minimum requirements or are received after the closing date will be rejected. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Qualified Women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply for this position.

Done at Kigali, on 20th April 2018


Executive Secretary of RCSP


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