• The RCSP was created as a non-profit making umbrella organization in 2004 with an objective to set up a plat-form for information sharing and consultation between CSOs and their partners. The Platform is composed of 14 national umbrellas of NGOs and one individual NGO. It has a total number of more than 800 member organizations. The idea of setting up this Platform came from various CSOs with a desire to work together and to contribute to the integral development of the country.
    In a country geared towards democracy and good governance like Rwanda, the RCSPF plays a key role in coordinating the monitoring of government policies and programs and in providing feedback to improve policy formulation and implementation. Its main objectives are as follows:
     Promote solidarity and harmonious relations between the members of the CSO;
     Analyze the major challenges faced by the Rwandan population and adopt common positions and strategies to address the challenges;
     Set up and maintain an information system to enable CSO to achieve their mission, acting in close collaboration with all partners;
     Develop effective partnerships at national, regional and international level;
     Provide strong representation and advocacy for its members.


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