Rwanda Civil Society Platform serves to enhance CSOs contribution to the national development through a coordinated, pro- active, dynamic and sustainable engagement of local CSOs in policy development and implementation. In addition, RCSP ensures effective monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation and strategic partnerships with CSOs.

Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) is implementing a project in collaboration with 8 member organizations, namely Transparency Rwanda, CLADHO, Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe, Imbaraga (Northern province), AJPRODHO, Rwanda Women Network, (Eastern province), COPORWA (Southern province), and Adi Terimbere (Western province), to strengthen the role of the Rwandan Civil Society Organizations in Monitoring and improving the efficiency and accountability of service delivery in Rwanda.

The project involve the participation of a number of other national and local RCSP members who are already engaged in project activities aimed at improving service delivery and policy impact at national and local level with funding from other agencies.

The project targets a number of groups and categories of citizens. These include policy makers both at central and local government levels, public service providers (again both at national and local level), CSOs, as well as ordinary citizens, and especially the poor, as users of public services. More specifically, the final beneficiaries of the proposed project are poor Rwandan citizens, particularly women, youth, people living with disabilities and historically marginalised groups, who use public services but whose voices are often excluded in key decision-making processes about service delivery... read more


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