The project " Support to strengthen the capacity of the Rwanda Civil Society Platform in public policy monitoring and advocacy" is a three year project of the Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) aiming at:

  • strengthening the capacity the RCSP umbrellas members in public policy monitoring and advocacy
  • to reinforce the organizational capacity of the RCSP and contribute to inform and engage RCSP membership and citizens on policy formulation
  • planning and implementing through participation in national and local level decision making forums and dissemination of information on RCSP Website and RCSP Newsletters.

The following newsletters are the ones that have already been produced by RCSP.

RCSP Newsletter issue 1/2010

RCSP Newsletter issue 2/2010

RCSP Newsletter issue 3/2010

RCSP Newsletter issue 4/2011

RCSP Newsletter 2014 Volume 1 issue No 1

RCSP Newsletter 2014 Volume 2 issue No 2

RCSP Newsletter 2015 Volume 3 issue No 3


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