The year 2019/2020 will be a memorable one for the Rwanda Civil Society Platform for several reasons for particular but also general reasons shared by the rest of Rwanda and the world.

Foremost, this year was the beginning of the implementation on our five- year strategic plan 2019/2023, which was developed as a guiding tool for consolidating and accelerating contributions by Rwanda’s civil society to national transformation and development.
It is also this year during which our institutional capacity development plan became operationalized.

Concisely, this year was a foundational year for our journey of the next five years. It is a period during our contribution to the national strategy for transformation as Rwanda builds a foundation for the implement ation of Vision2050 and accelerates towards higher middle income and high-income status by 2035 and 2050 respectively must be
became known as COVID19. This global pandemic that has ravaged the world, Rwanda inclusive has impacted every aspect of life and every human industry, civil society included.

The effects on civil society organisations have first been structural given the intrinsic nature of civil society approaches that to include riding on the rights to assemble people and work across communities. Due to restricted movements and the national lockdown, many organisations struggled to continue serving their constituencies, having to make quick changes to adapt to new and unprecedented realities and models including among others quick adoption of new technologies to facilitate association.

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