Different civil society organisation in Rwanda attended a one day Dialogue conference at Serena hotel organised by Rwanda Governance board (RGB) on “compliance with NGP law, accountability and transparency”.
The Dialogue was graced by MR Justus kangwagye Head of Political Parties and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Department on behalf of the CEO. Mr. Justus Kangwagye argued NGO to always review their promises to citizens during the design of your projects so that we don’t have constitutions that mean nothing when it comes to service

Mr. Justus Kangwagye on ongoing process to amend law governing local NGOs: said” the government will listen to ideas from all members of Civil Society, so that ultimately we have a law that works for you and helps you deliver on your mandate" .
MR. Stephen Rodriques. The Country Director, UNDP Rwanda. While addressing the participants said
“UN Rwanda family will remain a strong partner of the Civil Societies in Rwanda in strengthening CSOs for increased participation in democratic processes & advocating for citizens’ rights.” He also emphasized that “ It is our firm belief that Civil Society can become an even more paramount actor to support more inclusive and accountable governance in all levels in Rwanda “.


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