The Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) is a non profit organization that brings together Rwandan CSOs to advocate for people’s rights at national, regional and international levels to promote sustainable development within the context of Rwanda. It aims to contribute to better networking of local CSOs, do advocacy for suitable policies and their instruments as well as follow up on their respect during implementation. It aims also at understanding and to build the capacity of local CSOs for an effective participation towards national development.
The core activity of CSOs interventions is practically focusing on research and advocacy in order to positively influence the implementation of national policies. From an upstream perspective, they will also seek to influence the process of formulating policies and programs so that they take into account the needs of the citizens.

The Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) was established in 2004. It operates in accordance with Law No. 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 on the organization and functioning of national non-governmental organizations in Rwanda. It is currently composed of 15 members and includes around 750 organizations of civil society in Rwanda. The RCSP mission is to represent our members in the processes of facilitating citizen’s participation in sustainable development efforts through constructive dialogue, debate and advocacy at the national and international levels.
It works closely with partners and authorities at national and local levels. It strengthens the cooperation and dialogue between the public sector, private sector and civil society to promote the rule of law. It is in this perspective that the RCSP, in partnership with TROCAIRE, has initiated a project for six years, in four Districts namely Gakenke, Rulindo, Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru, on strengthening civic participation in governance processes by encouraging the population to participate in the planning and execution of their priorities to achieve sustainable development.

RCSP, in collaboration with TROCAIRE-RWANDA, would like to hire a consultant or a consulting company with extensive experience on evidence based research advocacy. The tasks are to be carried within a period of 2 months maximum.

 Develop research materials ;
 Assess the population’s perception of Ubudehe program, its effectiveness and efficiency and bring in about new facts on issues of poverty reduction and local development programs;
• Analyze the challenges facing “Ubudehe” program;
• Assess the population level of satisfaction on "Ubudehe" new categorization approach;
• Engage with other relevant institutions and initiatives to secure the cooperation and provision of evidence for analysis;
• Draw key messages, conclusions and recommendations from the research


The consultant(s) will be expected to undertake the following tasks:
 Attend consultative meetings between RCSP and TROCAIRE or any other relevant meeting;
 Review relevant documents to understand the institution;
 Develop and submit a detailed work plan to RCSP;
 Produce and present the inception report to RCSP members;
 Present the draft report during a pre-validation meeting;
 Present the draft report during a validation meeting;
 Present the final report with recommendations during a national dialogue;
 Draw a position paper based on the national dialogue recommendations.

The consultancy will be performed in 2 months maximum. The consultant should therefore consider the following as deliverables:
• Inception report approved by RCSP;
• Work plan approved by RCSP;
• Final report of the research integrating recommendations from the national dialogue ;
• Position paper with recommendations.

The consultant will directly report to the Executive Secretary of the RCSP. He/ She will also be required to submit regularly a progress report to the Management to know the evolution of the research.

The lead consultant should:
• Hold a Master’s degree in project management, economy, education, Law, Public Administration or similar disciplines;
• Possess strong monitoring, evaluation and analytical skills, with a proven experience of at least 5 years doing similar work, having worked with Civil Society Organizations being an added value;
• Have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the development sector in Rwanda;
• Be fluent in English, a working knowledge of French would be an asset.

Other competencies include:
• Display sound judgment that enables independent work;
• Be creative, pro-active and able to tap information from various sources;
• Be able to work effectively under tight deadlines;
• Possess the capacity to adequately approach the population and to advise the management team;
• Excellent leadership skills to coordinate the field agents during data collection.

The following documents are expected to be included in the proposals:
• Application letter addressed to the Executive Secretary of RCSP;
• Detailed CV and relevant education documents;
• Two completion certificates of similar directed researches;
• The RRA completion certificate.

Interested candidates should hand submit documents including a technical and financial proposal addressed to the Executive Secretary of RCSP.
Applications should be submitted not later than Monday 14th October 2016 (4pm), at RCSP head office located in Kimironko, KG44st, Plot number 44.
N.B: Contact: 0788932030. This advertisement can also be found on RCSP website at www.rcsprwanda.org

Done in Kigali, 01/10/2016

Executive Secretary
Rwanda Civil Society Platform

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