Unemployment and under employment can be understood in different perspectives. Since 1998, the government of Rwanda has gone ahead to initiate different consultations towards policies and strategies, aimed at improving people’s access to jobs and productivity. The current statistics show that unemployment levels are on 2%, youth being the majority.
Different National development frame works such as Vision 2020, Economic Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS2) and National Employment Program (NEP) are acquainted with the issue of unemployment and under employment. For example Vision 2020’s long term goals involve creating a productive middle class and fostering entrepreneurship, EDPRS2 envisions productivity and youth employment through a number of priority areas, while NEP was created to address the Country’s Youth unemployment.
As per the report produced by Rwanda Civil Society Platform for the Public Policy Dialogue held on 5th/11/2015 at Serena hotel Kigali a lot of views were raised and there were challenges and gaps identified and some of these include;
• Difficulty in accessing business startup capital and high interest rates
• The TVET curricula do not incorporate entrepreneurship skills
• Taxes on startup business
• Implementation gap in some institutions like Business Development Fund (BDF)
• Education system that is seen not to address labor market
• Etc.

The study was intended to specifically to point out objectives, to gather data on the current unemployment status, to assess the effectiveness of employment policies and programs implementation in Rwanda and also to highlight the causes of unemployment in Rwanda.Read more...


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