Rwanda has made good progress over the last two decades since the enormous challenges faced in the aftermath of a genocide that destroyed the entire social and economic fabric of this country. Rwandans have benefited from rapid economic growth, reduced poverty, more equality and increased access to services including health and education. This has been possible only through the hard work and dedication of millions of Rwandans supported by friends of Rwanda. Our progress strengthens the belief that our development ambitions towards the Vision 2020 can be achieved with our concerted efforts.

The Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS 2) is a launch into the home strait of our Vision 2020. We are faced with new challenges of ensuring greater self reliance and developing global competitiveness. Conscious of these challenges, we forge ahead knowing that working together, we always overcome.
The EDPRS 2 period is the time when our private sector is expected to take the driving seat in economic growth and poverty reduction.

Through this strategy we will focus government efforts on transforming the economy, the private sector and alleviating constraints to growth of investment. We will develop the appropriate skills and competencies to allow our people particularly the youth to become more productive and competitive to support our ambitions. We will also strengthen the platform for communities to engage decisively and to continue to develop home grown solutions that have been the bedrock of our success. These are fundamental principles as we work to improve the lives of all Rwandans in the face of an uncertain global economic environment.

As we take this important step ahead in our future, let us increase our determination to become makers of history, to shape our development and elevate Rwanda into a new era of prosperity that will be celebrated for generations through our joint efforts.

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