Duties and responsibilities

-Summary of key functions:

  • Execution of day-to-day accounting operations of the EASD-R project and provide accounting oversight to the EASD-R project partners
  • Ensure efficient procurement and logistical services for EASD-R project
  • a)Execution of day-to-day operations:
  • Ensure full compliance of operations with EUROPEAN UNION and RCSP rules, regulations and policies, and plan operations on a quarterly basis
  • Establishment of collaborative arrangements with partners in the project,
  • Make Use of internal standard operating procedures in Finance, Human Resources Management, Procurement, Logistical and ICT services.
  • Constant monitoring and analysis of the operating environment, timely readjustment of the operations, advice on legal considerations and risk assessment.

b) CSO’s financial resources management

  • Ensure proper planning, expenditure tracking and audit of financial resources, including extra-budgetary income in accordance with European Union and RCSP rules and regulations.
  • Proper management of the contributions, business process and accounting for contributions to ensure that EADS-R financial operations are properly identified, consistently and uniformly classified, recorded on a timely basis and received with sufficient supporting documentation.
  • Plan, execute and follow-up on bank reconciliations.
  • Organization of cost-recovery mechanisms for all EADS-R projects/activities.
  • Organization and oversight of EADS-R PROJECT cash management processes, including liquidity management, recommendation of provision level, risk assessment, bank relationship management; timely accounting and reconciliation of all transactions, security for cash assets on site.
  • Monitoring of financial exception reports for unusual activities, transactions and investigation of anomalies or unusual transactions.
  • Follow-up on transactions and payment approval on internet banking system.
  • Ensure that all financial transactions are identified, recorded and verified in compliance with EU/RCSP agreement as outlined in their MoU.
  • Prepare all financial reports and ensure compliance with EU/RCSP’s MoU guidelines

c) Efficient procurement and logistical services: The RCSP internal procurement committee will be expanded and cover EASD-R project procurement activities as well. It will be entrusted with the responsibility to oversee procurement processes and logistical services in accordance with RCSP rules and regulations.


  • Bachelor degree in accounting
  • Minimum three year working experience in accounting department
  • Knowledge of accounting software
  • Making recommendations regarding operation of systems within RCSP.
  • Identifies and recommends remedial measures to address problems in systems design or implementation.
  • Demonstrating understanding how to manage grants awarded to CSO
  • Soliciting feedback on service provision and quality
  • Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking
  • Communication skills:

Application submission

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application through the following email: info@rcsprwanda.org not later than 28th of February 2014 at 4pm.

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