The Community Score Card (CSC) is a qualitative tool used to monitor and evaluate the service delivery at local level by the communities themselves by generating mechanisms of direct feedback between service providers and users.

In 2011 Transparency International Rwanda (TI-Rw) started a project entitled “Transparency and Accountability in the management of resources allocated to the Nine Years Basic Education (9YBE) programme in Rwanda”.

The project was divided into 3 phases, and today, it’s on its last phase called the Community Score Card. The previous phases were the Public Expenditures tracking survey (PETS) conducted in 2012 and the Citizen report Card conducted in 2013.

The aim is to increase transparency and accountability in the management of resources allocated to the 9YBE programme, particularly the Capitation Grant allocated by the Government of Rwanda to the country’s schools for their operations.
The CSC uses a combined social accountability tools namely the techniques of social audit, community monitoring and citizen report cards.

For more details on the Community Score Card, please download the full report here


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