The Rwanda Civil Society Position on the Rwandan Bill

The Rwanda Civil Society appreciates the Rwandan Bill on access to information especially in article 33 on the protection of applicants of access to information from the burden of proof; on the set objectives;

On limited exemption provided for in article 5 of the bill where the protection of information is confronted against the harm test; the proactive and maximum disclosure of information in article7 and 8; a clear process on access to information;

Inclusion of both public and private bodies especially in article 1 paragraph 6 and article 17 under title iv, where it says, that information is necessary for the enforcement or protection of any freedom or right recorganized under the constitution or any other Law; the protection of whistleblowers in article 37;

Time frame for response by government bodies; fair cost on access to information under article 15 especially where the fees could be waived off in cases where payment may cause financial hardship to the applicant, where disclosure is in public interest and where the collection fee exceeds the amount collected; and the provision of a clear role of oversight to the office of the Ombudsman.

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Rwanda Civil Society’s appeal for Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region

Every day, Congolese children, women and men face killings, rapes and displacements, as a result of prevailing unrest and conflict in the Eastern DRC. This situation has had significant spillover effect to the residents of Rwanda and Uganda, the countries neighboring Eastern DRC.
Considering the prevailing situation of gross human rights violation of ordinary Congolese citizens and particularly the Kinyarwanda‐speaking Congolese and the Rwandan citizens residing or travelling to the DRC;

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