The research is qualitative study and use variety of methods of participatory approach was used in this study upon different segments of sources of information determined during analysis phase.

The research approaches and tools employed included Stakeholder analysis under which stakeholder analysis of all key players in child protection in Rwanda was made which included Government policy maker institutions (Ministries), Civil Society Organizations (NGOs), Government institutions (implementing institution) and intermediaries.

Participatory consultations were another tool which ensured meetings and interviews of stakeholder to get their input and views on the child protection in Rwanda.

The above was followed by Participatory approach of child Focused Group Discussions where we visited 3 three child centers in 3 provinces and with the help of directors/managers of child centers, we organized and held focus group discussions of about 10-15 children.

In the group discussions, we discussed various protection issues ranging from knowledge of protection laws and rights, the root causes of their situations to their future prospects.

The three child centers visited were from three provinces and they are: FIDESCO-Rugamba Cyprien in Kicukiro, Kigali City, Nyampinga in Huye of South Province and SACCA in Kayonza, Eastern Province).

Literature research and desk review was another important method used in which researched law Libraries and child focused institutions to know and obtain relevant polices and program documents, child protection legal instruments which are in force, those still in legislative processes and conceived ideas for future drafting of child protections related Bills and future child protection policies and programs.

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