Rwanda’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) provides a medium term framework for achieving the country’s long term development aspirations as embodied in Rwanda Vision 2020, the seven year Government of Rwanda programme and the Millennium Development Goals

The strategy builds on strong achievements in human capital development and promotes three flagship programmes.

These flagships serve as a means to prioritise actions by the GoR, mobilise resources for development and improve policy implementation through more co-ordinated interventions across sectors.

The first flagship, Sustainable Growth for Jobs and Exports, will be driven by an ambitious, high quality public investment programme aimed at systematically reducing the operational costs of business, increasing the capacity to innovate, and widening and strengthening the Financial Sector.

This means heavy investment in “hard infrastructure” by the GoR to create strong incentives for the Private Sector to increase its investment rate in subsequent years. The second flagship,
Vision 2020 Umurenge, will accelerate the rate of poverty reduction by promoting pro-poor components of the national growth agenda.

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